About Christie RD

Christie, RD, offers individualized nutrition that is tailored to your specific needs. Our dietitians are knowledgeable and experienced, offering sound scientific nutrition advice that’s practical and realistic for “regular people.” The dietitians of Christie, RD, have helped countless individuals in the North Carolina Piedmont Triad make healthy changes to their diets, improving their overall health by thinking beyond the plate. We hope our online nutrition programs will provide a pathway to living your best life yet!

Why learn more about nutrition?

  • Healthy Nutrition for a Healthy Life

  • Prevent & Treat Disease

  • Best Version of Yourself

Meet Our Instructors

Registered Dietitian

Lisa Johnson

Dedicated - Lisa Johnson is committed to empowering you to lead a healthy lifestyle. She understands that change is difficult, especially when you’re trying to change habits have been ingrained for decades and you may have medical conditions. No matter what your challenge, Lisa will help you solve your nutrition dilemmas, walking with you every step of the way as you progress. From sharing special recipes and checking in with you between visits, Lisa provides consistent encouragement and goes the extra mile to ensure your success.

Owner - Christie RD

Christie Hunter

Positive - Christie’s clients describe her as outgoing and enthusiastic. She invests herself in your success, acting as your mentor and guide on your journey to better health through smarter nutrition. Never judgmental, Christie, RD, “walks the walk”: She knows what it takes to look and feel great because she does it herself. In her own daily life, Christie finds ways to make healthy living fun and easy. Recently, Christie challenged employees of one of her corporate clients to beat the number of steps she walked in one day at Disney World: 17,000 steps!

Registered Dietitian

Cari Culp

Understanding - Cari Culp is convinced that small steps can lead to big results. When she helps you improve your nutrition and health, she takes a whole-person, holistic approach based on understanding the connections between what you eat and how you feel. Every person’s journey is different, so Cari will partner with you to take those small steps that fit into your lifestyle…but lead to change that is sustainable given what’s unique about you, your family, your tastes, your schedule, and your budget.